Silencio súBito   /   Installation   /   2010

Silencio Súbito

The installation consists of three elements


Silencio (Mann)

Video, 10 min, Loop
Performer: Gerson Klumpp


Silencio (Bett)
Carved styrofoam
50 x 135 x 220 cm


Silencio (Meer)
Pigmented print on barite
154,5 x 233 cm


The installation Silencio Súbitó consists of three elements: a video, a photograph, a sculpture. They are not enclosed by a sculptural casing. Although the three elements refer to each other in form and content and are placed in precisely calculated positions to one another, the relationship remains open. In this open constellation, the observers themselves have a role to play. Through their locations, perspectives and projections, the observer co-decides the thematic setting, emotional content and atmosphere. Space is not made here through physical division, but rather through the correspondence of the elements.


Silencio Súbito continues the polarity between individual commotion and the harmony of an ostensibly steadfast world of things. The man we see in the video is lying on a sofa. The protagonist’s poses alter in phases – in a sequence of sculptural positions. In the seclusion of his abode the protagonist appears hard-pressed in an indeterminate and unlocatable manner. The discharge appears inescapable but the outburst is unmotivated and accompanied by an almost incomprehensible vehemence. The man begins bellowing for things to quiet down right away in a Bavarian dialect: ‘Wenn jetzt nicht gleich a Ruh’ is!’ (If it´s not quiet immediately!)

A detailed description of this work can be found in Commotion by Rainer Beßling, as well as in The Ecstasy of Futility by Dr. Stephan Berg.



1-3 Hans Schröder (Exhibition Kunstmuseum MARTa Herford), all others Alexandra Ranner