Alexandra Ranner is an artist working in the mediums of spatial installations, sculpture, film and photography. Her work deals with the emotional fault lines of modern times and presents surreal spatial constructs whose tension exists in the ambivalence between their conspicuous artificiality and their atmospheric-emotional density. The constructs are seemingly conceived through the inner emotional conditions of their residents and protagonists; they are a manifestation of certain mental dispositions in the form of spaces.


Alexandra Ranner lives and works in Berlin. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, for instance at the 49. Biennale di Venezia (Italy), the 1st Triennial Yokohama (Japan), the International Art Exhibition Athens (Greece), MuMok Vienna (Austria), Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo de Santander y Cantabria (Spain), the DARE-DARE Centre de diffusion d’art multidisciplinaire de Montréal (Canada), Art Basel Statements (Switzerland) and the De Vleeshal Middleburg (The Netherlands). In recent years, she has also taken part in numerous institutional exhibitions including at, for example, the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, the Hamburger Kunsthalle, the Kunstmuseum Bonn and the Marte Herford Museum für Kunst, Architektur and Design. In 2016/17 her work was presented in a solo exhibition with the title Karmakollaps at the Georg Kolbe Museum in Berlin. In 2017, the permanent outdoor installation titled Ich habe genug (I have enough) opened to the public in Herford.


In addition to her own practice, since 2007 she is also Professor at the University of the Arts Berlin where she teaches fine arts in the architecture department. She studied at the art academies in Lisbon and Munich. Her works have been distinguished with the HAP-Grieshaber-Award from the VG-BILD-KUNST, the Bavarian Award for Fine Arts, the Munich Award for Fine Arts as well as a fellowship from the Karl-Schmitt-Rottluff Foundation.



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