kuchen   /   Installation   /   1997

Kuchen, 1997

styrodur, polyester, glass, light

110 x 180 x 90 cm


With confectionery shop window photography as the point of departure, cakes were reproduced with photographic perspectival distortion, made from edible cake material and conserved via a special drying-out procedure. In various places, swells and depressions can be seen; these deformations stand contrary to the cakes’ temptation by obscuring their consistency.


The concept of the work, originally planned and realised as a situative construction in a window-niche of the exhibition space, was once again grasped in the context of an artistic composition in the Petuel Park in Munich. The cakes were initially baked, moulded in silicon and finally poured again as a positive from a special plastic in various coloured layers. The cakes’ display cabinet was literally stuck onto the glass façade of the coffee house and acted as a shop window. The rear of the cabinet could be seen from the interior, the shadows of the cakes discernible on its translucent surface.


1 Stephan Braun (Exhibition view Galerie der Künstler, BBK München), 2+3 Wilfried Petzi (Installation view Petuelpark München), 4-8 Daniel Fusban (Installation view Petuelpark München), 9 Alexandra Ranner (Overview Petuelpark München)