ich habe genug   /   installation   /   2015

Ich habe genug, 2005

Aluminium, wood, rough plaster, video projection, sound
290 x 540 x 490 cm
Wemhöner Collection


Ich habe genug was realised in three variations: in 2005 as a freestanding house inside the Palast der Republik, Berlin; in 2006 as a rough wooden shed, embedded in the façade of the Kunstverein Ruhr, Essen; and in the same year as part of a shroud for a fountain at the municipal Kunsthalle Rathausgalerie in Munich.


In 2014 Ich habe genug was purchased by Heiner Wemhöner. Since 2015 the house was in Herford as a permanent installation on a private but publicly accessible meadow site. Since 2017 it can be visited at its new location next to the Johannis church in Herford. Its blinds open daily and provide a view into the inside of the house. It serves as a stage for a protagonist, who appears to have lost his home and basis for existence. Beside a river, one sees a meagre embankment strip, run-down buildings and scrawny plants. In the water, a detached head bobs up and down, with the disembodying cut on its neck at water level and its eyes pointing up towards the heavens. The mouth intonates — surprisingly full-toned considering its visibly absent bodily support — arias from the Cantata BWV 82 by Johann Sebastian Bach, ‘Ich habe genug’.


I have enough // Now I wish, even today with joy to depart from here // I have enough // Fall asleep, you weary eyes // Close softly and pleasantly // World, I will not remain here any longer // I own no part of you // That could matter to my soul. // Here I must build up misery // But there, there I will see // Sweet peace, quiet rest.


Short film excerpt:

A detailed description of this work can be found in Commotion by Rainer Beßling.


Performer in video: Gerson Klumpp

Singing: Tobias Haaks

Camera/post production: Eckert Zerzawy

Special effects: Sid Gastl and Eckart Zerzawy

Detailed design of house: Peter Behrbohm, Julian Pommer

Realisation, construction management, interior fit-out: Julian Pommer



1-3+5 Julian Pommer, 4+6+8 Markus Bühler (Filmstills), all others Alexandra Ranner