gang   /   installation   /   2003

Gang, 2003

Wood, light, paint, carpet, projector, mirror
220 x 300 x 560 cm


On the inside of the container-like structure is a corridor, which begins at the front and turns off to the right at the end of the space. A half-opened door allows a view into an adjoining room where a man sits on a chair in dim light. He looks at the observer face on, via a mirror. Behind the man is a window with a view into a neighbouring window. The man can therefore watch the observer via his room mirror and at the same time observe the scene in the neighbouring house. There his neighbour is dancing with a textile puppet, with seemingly unmotivated movements and high-speed, rapidly changing affect. He slams his helpless dance partner against the wall, closes his arms around him once more and, with brimming-over excitement or, rather, inner softness, continues the dance.


Short film excerpt of the installation at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 2003:

A detailed description of this work can be found in Commotion by Rainer Beßling,

as well as in The Ecstasy of Futility by Dr. Stephan Berg.


Performers in video: Gerson Klumpp, Florian Graf



1 Exhibition view Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 2003, 2 Achim Kukulis,

all others Alexandra Ranner