flur   /   Film   /   2016

Flur, 2016
4k film, 24 min, loop

Copy 1/3, Wemhöner Collection


The scene: a long, brightly lit corridor. On the left is a row of window openings; on the right, a row of doors. Along the windows and doors, as well as in the middle, reside people of different genders, ages and social backgrounds. Their faces show ingraspable sadness, silent desperation, inner restlessness and apathy.

The people in the corridor wear unremarkable, ageless, everyday clothing. The colour of the clothing seems uniformly composed and varies in different shades of grey or beige. It appears as if someone has drained them of most of their colour. Their behaviour is accompanied by the rhythmic rising and subsiding of complaining and crying.


The corridor and the events inside of it are constructed ambivalently in every respect. The film allows neither an explanation for what happened to these people and why they are in this situation, nor does it allow the space in which they find themselves to be located or identified. Elements acting as formal countermeasures allow clear associations to run into emptiness; each and every narrative appears to have been removed from both the space as well as from the situation of the people.


The film Flur premiered on occasion of the solo exhibition ‘Karmakollaps’ at the Georg Kolbe Museum Berlin in 2016. The realization was financially supported by the Georg Kolbe Museum Berlin and the Kunstfonds Bonn.

A detailed description of this work can be found in Re- and De-Constructions of Reality by Dr. Julia Wallner, as well as in The Ecstasy of Futility by Dr. Stephan Berg and in Where does Happiness come from by Nicola Graef. 


To watch a film excerpt on Vimeo please contact Atelier Ranner.


Performers: Lea Barletti, Jan Damitz, Julius Feldmeier, Karoline Kahmann, Jürgen Verch, Claus Stephan, Werner Waas, Thomas Wittmann und Hanna Wollschläger
Lay actors: Frank Böbel, Bernd Eglinski, Hartmut Jootzer, Günter Kelm, Yana Kujuchuka, Frank Lehmann, Rosa Rücker, Sandra Sarala, Angelina Tasic, Perdita Schünemann und Lutz Wasewitz

Light/colour: Sid Gastl
Camera/postproduction: Markus Bühler
Sound postproduction: Lennert Hörcher
Set technology: Julian Pommer and Felix Findeiss