estarreja   /   performance   /   1998

Estarreja, 1998

Video recording of a performance, 80 sec


In 1998 Ranner studied at the Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual in Lisbon. Estarreja was created during this period of study in collaboration with her colleague Eurcio Lino do Vale.


On an excursion from Lisbon to Porto every student was required to make an artistic contribution — that was the brief. Halfway along the journey, Ranner gets off the train at the small station at Estarreja and meets an apparently unfamiliar man. The group can see this encounter — everything has been arranged in advance, so that the scene plays out in view of her student peers lingering aboard the train — who continue their journey without the artist.


The next day, Ranner boards the train at exactly the same position — without the man. The group, who spent the night in Porto and know nothing of their colleague’s stay, are now, accordingly, curious. Ranner remains silent about the events.


Camera: Rui Calcada Bastos