BEAST   /   installation   /   2003

Beast, 2003

Wood, light, paint, carpet, plasma monitor with video scene, TV monitor with video scene

270 x 960 x 850 cm


Funnel-formed in plan, a near-empty room gapes open in a panoramic expansion. The dark sidewalls, running towards each other at a steep angle, point towards an illuminated rear wall, in which a window is located. This opens the view onto a room in a house, apparently located opposite. One catches a glimpse of a dramatic scene, which plays out in burdensome silence: a man incessantly skids furniture into a half-opened door. In the front right corner sits a monitor. As an opposite pole to the fury of the protagonist, it shows a permanently swinging door. Like a stoic force it neutralises and absorbs the explosive energy of the man on the spot.


Short film excerpt of the installation at Galeria Salvador Diaz, Madrid, 2003:

A detailed description of this work can be found in Commotion by Rainer Beßling, as well

as in The Ecstasy of Futility by Dr. Stephan Berg.


Performer in video: Gerson Klumpp

Video editing: Eckart Zerzawy

Construction, technical realisation: Ole Müller



1-3 Antonio Zafra (Exhibtion view Galeria Salvador Diaz, 2003), all others Alexandra Ranner